Scott Sherman’s Plan for Mission Valley – 4.1.2015

The overview of Councilman Sherman’s plan includes the following:

River Park Stadium

Site: About 100 acres of the 166-acre Qualcomm Stadium site

Projected development value: $4 billion

Description: As much as 2.76 million square feet of offices in 11 office buildings, up to 33 stories; 5,926 apartments in condos in three- to 22-story buildings; 16-story hotel with 300 rooms; a 20-acre river park; and 15,350 parking space, some of which would be shared with stadium goers.

Timing: Construction projected to begin in 2020 and stretching to 2028.

Maximum site revenue: $452.5 million in land sales and leases; $200 million in bond issues, funded from city and county property taxes generated from the site, after deducting for schools, special districts and emergency services.

Stadium income: Up to $350 million from the Chargers; $200 million from the NFL; $160 million in personal seat licenses; $35 million from investors and sponsorships; and $220 million in naming rights.

Source: Councilman Scott Sherman

Aerial ViewRiver View Night View